Naruto manga series full of amazing characters

    The Naruto manga series is the creation of Masashi Kishimoto, a former apprentice of Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z like, Naruto is full of amazing characters and exciting scenes struggle.

    In 1999, Naruto made his debut in Shonen Jump, the magazine shonen manga popular in Japan. In no time, Naruto became a favorite with readers of manga, and is now one of the most popular manga series worldwide. The fans are delighted by the adventures of Uzumaki Naruto and ninja in the village of Konoha. Because of its popularity around the world, Naruto has been translated into several languages ​​including Chinese, English, French, German and Korean. In North America, the Naruto series is published in English in Shonen Jump magazine, and now a top rated series on Cartoon Network.

    Naruto's story traces the adventures of a young ninja in training: Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto was orphaned at birth, and loves to joke around and be the center of attention. It gets low ratings in the ninja academy, and most adults in the village reject it.

    But Naruto has a secret: His body is the prison of life for the Nine-Tailed Fox demon that almost destroyed the Village Hidden in the leaves fifteen years ago. The 39 - and counting - Naruto volume is an epic journey that follows the growth and development of Naruto a golf club and a misfit, a powerful ninja can become the next Hokage, or leader of the village of Konoha .

    The other key characters in Naruto are Sasuke and Sakura, who are also ninjas genin or junior. Is talented but tormented Sasuke, while Sakura is smart and brave. This triad is trained by Kakashi, or a senior Jonin ninja, who is quiet and enjoys the fiction of bad taste "adult" and amazing fighting skills.

    As the story progresses, many other ninjas make an entrance of Konoha and other villages rivals. Each of these comes with its own distinct personalities, combat techniques, rivalry and loyalty. The trio of Naruto and his friends find themselves face to face with some formidable rivals in a last battle skills test. Some of his toughest opponents are Orochimaru, the snake of evil ninja, and Zabusa Momochi, a ruthless murderer for hire.

    Naruto is published by Shonen Jump / VIZ Media in the U.S., and Shonen Jump / Shueisha's Japanese editor of the series. Currently there are 39 volumes of Naruto and counting. The main genres are Naruto Shonen (boys) manga, action / adventure, drama and martial arts action. The classification of the contents of Naruto Teens - Ages 13 + for violence of martial arts.

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    Naruto is one of the most popular manga and anime series around. It has a child, Naruto, whose body actually contains the spirit of a terrible nine-tailed fox that had been terrorizing his village some twelve years earlier. At that time, this nasty fox was captured and its spirit was sealed in the body of a baby (our Naruto).

    Go ahead twelve years and has the star of the story, now a mischievous and hyperactive young ninja with great aspirations. Both Naruto anime (animated television series) and manga (comics) go through episodes of high-flung adventures battling monsters, other ninjas and, last but not least, doing ninja exams.

    The manga and anime have spawned numerous fan sites and forums with all kinds of products available online (screen savers, online games, etc) and for sale (clothes, DVDs, and more). But what lies behind this popular series is an interesting fact: the story of Naruto is based solidly on traditional Japanese culture.

    Author and artist Masashi Kishimoto was born in Japan in 1974 and is an area rich in history. Kishimoto won Shonen Jump magazine's Hop Step of artists with his manga Karakuri new manga, but did not stop there. The first version of Naruto was a story of fox spirits and led to the story. It quickly became a popular ninja manga, in fact, one of the most popular in Japan.

    What may have escaped some western Naruto fans is the interesting story of the fox. Fox myths abound in Japanese culture, dating back to the V century BC Stories portray foxes as intelligent beings possessing magical abilities that increase as they age and gain wisdom. One of his tricks is its ability to change shape and sometimes take the form of a human being. Some stories have been deceiving others by changing the human form, while others describe them as friends or guardians or even wives.

    A kitsune (the Japanese word for fox) can have up to nine tails, like the fox of evil in the past Naruto. And from the stories, it seems that the queues have, the more powerful it is. Most popular stories say that a fox will grow more tails only after you have lived a thousand years.

    Interestingly, Japanese folklore originally described as the fox that only good and bad attributes and mischievous traits came with the Chinese and Korean folk tales. Some consider the kitsune as a deity and make offerings to them. There are quite a few tales about kitsune, both good and bad, with the shape-shifting foxes in human form (a skill acquired only from the 100), then a secret life as part of a family until they finally discover (often seem to have trouble hiding their tails when assuming human form).

    A common belief is that foxes will impersonate beautiful women. In early Japanese history, it was thought that a woman alone, especially at night, might actually be a fox. Other stories tell of spirits that inhabit the human Fox: there is not a single word, Kitsunetsuki, which means "the state of being possessed by a fox. "It has been said that humans possessed by fox spirits tend to go mad and run naked through the streets, among other things.

    However, our Naruto is not bad or unpleasant. It is easy to see, however, how much evil comes out with. A popular history and adventure, you will be so for generations to come.

    As we all know Naruto is a manga created by the famous incredible Masashi Kishimoto adapted to anime by Hayato Date. Naruto starts out as a troublemaker, unpredictable and noisy kid, who just wants to be recognized. Uzumaki Naruro will do anything to become Hokage (larger ninja and leader of the hidden leaf village) and change the way everyone looks at him.

    He received a gift and a course, when it was only a baby when the Fourth Hokage to save the village sacrificed his life using a forbidden technique called Fujin shinki and sealed a demon nine tailed fox inside to protect the village . Because everyone looks down on it and think of him as a monster, that he considered th Kyubi. But he has a unique way of seeing life and change the hearts of anyone around talking to them, showing unique toughness or fight with all his might.

    At the beginning of the Naruto series does not look bright, there has been a couple of times the test to become a ninja, and is even fooled by a traitor to stealing a forbidden scroll convinced that he could achieve the ninja academy graduation if he could dominate any of the techniques within. Luckily for us realizes with the help of his teacher academy that has been deceived and fight the traitor save the book and its master. Since then Naruto becomes an official member of the ninja world and have to start working on tasks and missions led by Sensei Kakashi as a member of Team 7 whit the love of his life and his formal rival Sasuke Sakura.

    The story takes us through the growth of Naruto and his friends show the deep linkages between them, their families and thoughts. They will try to overcome and protect each other through a lot of complicated situations, the fight against evil twisted and whose purposes range from destroying the village for revenge to dominate the business of war to conquer the world or make a false peace. I invite you to come and see for yourself this amazing series that have been around us for over a decade, teaching children and adults in an incredible way to fight for what they want, never give up and trust their hearts all times.

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Naruto manga series full of amazing characters

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